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Engagement Session Adventures | Chase & Grae

Engagement Session Adventures, Idyllwild Ca

Meet Chase and Grae, a sweet newly engaged couple who love to adventure together!
I recently had the privilege of photographing their engagement session on a little off road trail up in Idyllwild.

Heading into the forest brought back some fun High School memories of Brock and I hitting the trails in his blue jeep – some of you remember us waayy back then lol. Thankfully, they didn’t have a blue jeep whose drive shaft would randomly fall off whenever it decided to – true story!

As our engagement session went on, I followed Chase out onto the trails and of course every spot was beautiful!  We could have stayed out there for days, especially with the picture perfect weather.

During our shoot I learned that they are both Palm Desert High School grads! What?! No wonder they are awesome, lol! Brock and I are also PDHS grads! Now, I won’t say what year that was because it was so long ago that the School no longer sits in the same spot – it’s since been completely re-built from the ground up.

Chase and Grae were so much fun to photograph. As intelligent, PDHS grads, and lovers of outdoor adventurer, they have also been a couple for 9 years! High School sweethearts just like Brock and I! Is there anymore that we could have in common? I love it!

Grae was kind enough to share how they met and fell in love. Scroll down to read all about it!

Grae shares how they met…

“It was the last day of my freshman year of high school and all of my friends and I decided that we would go to the River, just like any other Friday night. As I was getting dolled up like I always did, I checked my MySpace and there was a new comment on a photo I was tagged in. The photo was of me and one of my best friends Brianna M. The comment read “WHO IS THAT BRIANNA?” I was flattered, though I have to admit I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

As the night went on, we arrived at the River and found our other friends. We were a huge crowd of people enjoying the end of the school year, all talking and having fun, walking around and laughing. We were finally able to be carefree after our first year of high school! At the time I wasn’t sure why, but we had all stopped in front of Johnny Rockets. I later learned it was because Chase had stopped Brianna to ask where he could find me and who I was, calling me “the girl from MySpace.” She pointed at me, standing not even 5 feet away from him in the crowd and everyone sort of moved out of the way so he could see me.

He walked up and introduced himself as Chase Baker and I told him my name was Grae. He was so handsome with his long hair and skater style. We hung out that whole night. Even though we were with a crowd of people, we felt as though we were the only two people there. We were both bummed when it began to get late and we knew we would have to leave the River, and each other. To my surprise, it turned out that Chase was Brianna’s neighbor and I was going to be spending the night at her house that night. Chase, Brianna and I ended up spending almost the whole night in Brianna’s front yard laughing, joking and staring up at the stars…

“I knew then, even at age 14, that this was my soulmate.

It has been nine years and my love for him has grown everyday.

I cannot wait to marry the love of my life!”

Congratulations Chase & Grae on your engagement! We are so excited to photograph your 2017 wedding! – Erica & Brock

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